Poetic Journey in Personal Discovery


So many questions I ask now

I’ve never really seriously pondered them

I can see a future with me in it

One without a tragic end

It’s okay to dream now

Life isn’t the nightmare anymore

I’ve been awakened from my slumber

Upon opening my eyes, I look forward to what’s in store

I’m not sure what I will experience

On this uncertain, exciting journey

On my path of growth in the light

Revealing who God created me to be

How much will I truly see of what I’m shown

How much will I learn of what I am taught

Will I seek after the things I should

Will I be teachable and find that which is sought

Will I close my eyes and cower

Will I want to run and hide

Will I act with courage and strength

Not allowing hope or faith to die

How many times will I fall down

Will I get back up with ease

Will my steps be counted and small

Or will there be many triumphant leaps

How many doors will I open

Only to find disappointment

And what of the doors

Filled with joy and contentment

Will I keep trying to remain in what’s past

Holding on to what can’t be changed

Will I find peace with “right now”

Not living in a future I try to arrange

What people will l know along the way

Will love shine through in how I live

Will I have been a blessing to others

With compassion and a heart to give

I’m excited to discover living

Now that I’m lucid on my journey

Things will unfold one moment at a time

Wherever life takes me, I now know I am free

 ©E.D. Allee

 November 2013

Photo: By dan, published on 06 December 2010

Stock Photo – image ID: 10023853, freedigitalphotos.net

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