Poetic Journey in Personal Discovery

Halloween Haiku Fest 2013!


Pointy hat and broom

White sheets and painted faces

Halloween is here


Costumes will transform

Sweetness gathered to enjoy

Nods and winks to night


Loving candy corn

Feels way too good to be wrong

I am standing firm


That bump in the night

Causing unfounded, real fright

Can harm without harm


Dark spirits at work

Demons dwell where we can’t see

Assisting evil


Haunted houses scare

Terror around dark corners

Fun… If you survive!!


To you, scary clown

I am putting my foot down

On your big red nose!


Door to door they go

Princess and super hero

Much candy in tow


When full-moon rises

The ware-wolves come out to play

To roam the night free


The old creepy house

On top of the lonely hill

It hides dark secrets


Teeth which drip red blood

Dead sustained by taking lives

Creatures of the night

©E.D. Allee
 October 31, 2013

Comments on: "Halloween Haiku Fest 2013!" (2)

  1. This is fabulous Ma’am! Some great rhymes, vivid imagery, oh, and that clown reference – brilliantly funny! Such a great piece which essentially captures the thrill of this occasion.

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