Poetic Journey in Personal Discovery

Joyous Plumes…


My heart was troubled

Disconnected from the light

Deep in the throws of negativity

Viewing life with dark-filtered eyes


Serendipitously my attention refocused

On a small piece of creations’ beauty

Perfection in colors and patterns

God’s art arrayed, gloriously


With the filter no longer influencing my sight

I entered awe’s dwelling with a humbled heart

Experiencing needed pause and reflection

I was again centered in the moment, now unlocked


Hypnotized by the plumes of a peacock

I was instantly swept away

From the accumulated pain and sadness

I accepted throughout the day

©E.D. Allee
October 2013

Comments on: "Joyous Plumes…" (4)

  1. To pause and reflect. The time we see beauty around us is when we stop rushing. Lets spread the word. Beautiful.

  2. So true, we all have filters through which we perceive the world that we are not aware of, and once removed, our perception changes. Excellent poem! 🙂

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