Poetic Journey in Personal Discovery

The Man of Steel…

superman logo-7

Dedicated to my step-father for his 70th birthday.  Big Superman fan (who isn’t?!).

Most men aspire to greatness

Often defined by strength and ability

Emanating valued traits of their examples

They strive for a life of maximized utility


Superman, the man of steel

Arrayed in red cape and boots

Wielding incredible powers

To save the multitudes

He cannot eclipse the hero you are

Though your glory is often unsung

Let me try to explain…


Superman may have x-ray vision

Able to peer past all, save lead structures

But you see deep into the heart

Through lead masks, truth you uncover


He is equipped with super-hearing

He can focus in and amplify sounds at will

You use your hearing powers to listen

Beyond the noise, caring and sincere


Gifted to frequent the vast skies

He flies high, keeping watch on the world

You use powers of flight to lift the wings of others

You help them to soar


Kal-El has super strength

Nothing’s too heavy for him

You carry much weight upon your shoulders

Yet acknowledge your strength is God-given


Superman channels the suns heat with his eyes

Burning through barriers with ease

You burn past peoples’ walls, energized by the “Son”

Illuminating and meeting hidden needs
You live your life in service

Placing your loved ones in the forefront

We are all blessed to have you

I hope that you see that

Your kind, but firm hand

Has guided many along their journey

You needn’t even say a word

You’re a living example of integrity

You’ve always sought to walk

Upon a path of righteousness

As you walk that narrow path

You make it seem so effortless


I’m so glad you came into my life

Initially I challenged you

And you just kept your heart open

Until my love and trust grew

And now I can’t see my life without you in it

It’s important that you understand

That you’ve made such a positive impact

On many lives; on you we can depend

You are honest and kind

So many blessings you’ve shared

I wouldn’t edit one moment

Of the composition God prepared

I’d choose your love again and again

You’ve reached aspired greatness

You are a hero to many

A super man, rooted in your humanness


Superman lives in our fantasies

Upon pages in comics and in animation

You are the man of steel to me

Worthy of much admiration

Yet you’re not in drawn or moving pictures

You are here, flesh and blood

You embody the characteristics of a hero

Whose greatness is defined by his love

©E.D. Allee
October 13, 2013

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