Poetic Journey in Personal Discovery

Tears From Afar…



I see your heart bleed

I can’t make it quit

Not able to reach you

Lacking power, I sit

You are hurting

I watch your anguish grow  

Tears I cry in abundance, for you

But you will never know…


Never know this stranger cares

From so far away

Never know my prayers for you

Or how my heart aches

Such agony in your eyes

I am witness to your desperation

The strength it must take

Your immense determination


You are a survivor

Tragedy didn’t tear you completely down

I marvel that you are standing

Shaken, but both feet on the ground


If I could offer comfort

Even for one moment

If I could halt the bleeding

With loves tourniquet

If I could lift your burden

Help you carry the weight

If I could help lead you to healing

And chase your pain away

I would offer to you what I have to give

Guided by God’s power and love

Yet I am here… so far away

Wishing my tears were enough…

©E.D. Allee

October 1, 2013

Photo: <a href=”http://photobucket.com/images/tears&#8221; target=”_blank”><img src=”http://i400.photobucket.com/albums/pp90/Sk8erGurl24_2009/tears.jpg&#8221; border=”0″ alt=”tears photo: tears tears.jpg”/></a>

Comments on: "Tears From Afar…" (12)

  1. It is heartbreaking to watch someone suffer and not be able to comfort them. You express this feeling so well in your poem. Beautifully written. Excellent piece.

  2. Very powerful and emotional. Expressive and heartfelt. I appreciate your words tremendously. As I am sure they will be appreciated by those that they were intended for.
    Keep inspiring

    • Thank you very much. Intended for people all over the world. Inspired by the many tv news stories I see everyday! Primarily. People are hurting all over- stories of tragedy are never in short supply. It’s painful to see. I can’t help but feel this intense pain for people who are hurting. Heart wrenching, tear evoking pain. I sometimes just have to keep from looking because things grieve me so…chicken run method. But I realize that empathy can be channeled for good despite the hurt. The feelings inspire writings, desires to help or give, a recognition of how grateful I should be in my own life…and I guess they mean I’m a “real live girl!”. Spent many years medicating these unpleasant emotions, only to create more of the same… I appreciate your taking time to read and reply! I gotta catch up on your blog- I’ve been petty busy and “blog-neglectful” past couple of days. Thanks again, Elizabeth.

      • Any time Elizabeth. You are a “real live girl”. A “real live CARING girl” Thank you again for sharing it.
        Keep Inspiring

  3. cpsingleton42 said:

    that is a lovely poem!
    Love’s tourniquet is beautiful!!

  4. Will never forget this one..reaching across oceans you have always been..comforting beyond belief

    • I am so grateful that you are feeling the comfort I send from far away. I can’t know exactly how you feel or understand completely your experience- but my heart feels some of your pain… I really wish that the pain I feel over your situation could lighten the pain you carry. You are a warrior! Keep fighting!

  5. cpsingleton42 said:

    That’s beautiful and caring! Well done missus!!

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