Poetic Journey in Personal Discovery


I have a dropsies angel
I’m just sure it’s true
Who sometimes takes time off
With other things to do
I can’t say I blame him
He really is overworked
Very little down time
Oh, the effort he must exert

I’m sure he has to prioritize
Just to keep things straight
Remaining vigilant
While, for the unexpected, he lies in wait
For the next clumsy spill
Or carelessly broken glass
The multitude of injuries
I must have slipped past

I’m grateful for the assignment
Of an angel of his persuasion
With so few days off
For illness or vacation
I can only imagine
How bad things would be
If I didn’t have an angel
Assigned for dropsies

So I express my gratitude
For all it is you do
My expressed appreciation
Is long overdue

©E.D. Allee

September 28, 2013


Comments on: "My “Dropsies” Angel…" (8)

  1. Amazing. I was just sitting down to write a flash “non-fiction” piece and saw this. True coincidence does not exist. I was meant to be reminded yet again that there must be someone working overtime keeping me safe and somewhat sane. Very well written too. I love it.
    Keep inspiring

  2. The piece I was sitting down to write by the way……. It is a piece on that very angel that sees me through my life’s escapades reasonably unscathed.

    • That’s lots of fun! Thanks for the friendly feedback. I’m not big on the concept of “coincidences” either. I will look forward to reading it if you plan to post it. I really have very little knowledge of the various realms of writing- I have soooo much to learn. I just kind of write and hope for the best… BUT, I am gaining new knowledge everyday from this blogging community. Flash… What a fun thing to attempt. Brevity will be a serious challenge for me…as is evidenced in this lengthy reply for example- but I’m game. Thanks again! Happy writing to you!

      • Thanks, I actually started with what I learned recently is called flash fiction. I am very new to writing also and am learning everyday. It took me a while but I ventured into poetry and now enjoy both forms immensely. How therapeutic writing is, and what a perfect form of expression. The piece I spoke of is finished (Draft) and I will be posting it shortly. I hope you enjoy. Your dropsies angel might like it too, as it is about my Guardian Angel.
        Keep inspiring

  3. What a lovely poem. Loved it. 🙂

  4. Love this!! A dropsy angel! I must get me one o them!!

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