Poetic Journey in Personal Discovery

Snorkeling at Hunauma Bay…


Sweet Hunauma Bay
Never leave my memory
My blue ocean dream


Blue waters, cold bite
Colorful fish swim in peace
Delight I can’t hide

My dreams could not conjure
The rapture I would find
The calm that I would know
Becoming one with the soft tide

Swimming accents of color
The sound of my own breath
Surrounded by a gallery of coral
In an expansive shallow depth

The frigid water is shocking
Yet discomfort is short lived
To gentle uncontested movements
Of myself I freely give

Once the sun emerges
From behind the mountainous edge
Light gracefully dances
With abandon on every surface

I envision my permanence
In this newly discovered place of peace
For the moment
Practicality needn’t acknowledge me

Expectations surpassed
A welcomed enchanted escape
I hold the memory close
Of snorkeling at Hunauma Bay

©E.D. Allee

september 26, 2013


Comments on: "Snorkeling at Hunauma Bay…" (13)

  1. This is delightful to read. What a wonderful memory to have. Love it. 🙂

  2. I know your Hanauma Bay. I lived in Hawaii for 23 years. Slept on the beach there with a woman with three front teeth, but she was beautiful. It rained so hard by the end of the night we were sleeping in water. We had to pull my friend out who was nearly underwater, except for his nose. The rain cascaded from the cliffs. There were eagle rays at the edge of the surf just lying there. They had white spots. I remember the dangerous “Toilet Bowl” too. Did you feed the fish frozen peas?

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