Poetic Journey in Personal Discovery

Elusive Balance…


Balance, elusive balance, how I long for you

I know you wouldn’t suspect by my actions, but it’s true

I see you tucked nicely upon the shelf so high

And I dream of one day reaching you, so I try and I try

Your wrapping is so ornate and keeps you hidden slightly

You’re filled with the same mysteries as gravity

Sometimes when I think I’ve arrived, where I am close enough to touch

My anxious fingers stretch out, you climb higher, and my attempt is a bust

Instead of being with you, I hang out with your friends the extremes

Man, they are bad news, but they keep me company

The whiplash experienced when jostled between highest to lowest

Is hard to bare, how much longer can I handle it?

Yet you are not concerned, you live your life cruel and haughty

Laughing at the “little people” trying to capture a glimpse of your superiority

You taunt us with a taste here and there, you sprinkle showers down below

To keep us wanting more, yet cheating us out of the know

Okay, okay, maybe I’m too harsh, please defend yourself

Argue your side; come down from your shelf

Let me unwrap that golden bow and peer inside at your heart

And I will testify to your goodness, tales of your positive intentions I will impart

What say you elusive balance?  Can we meet on the minds ledge?

Where peace in this life hangs in the balance, and your existence is real, not alleged

I want to know the equally weighted fulcrum, yet we’ve never met before

Introduce me to him and show me who you really are

©E.D. Allee

September 20, 2013


Comments on: "Elusive Balance…" (10)

  1. The extremes are very bad company indeed and always come over uninvited. Your frustration and longing are conveyed very well in your writing. Great piece. 🙂

  2. Don’t know how I missed this before E. Wonderful composition with a lot of feeling.

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