Poetic Journey in Personal Discovery


All you need is right here in each moment experienced in time

Even when unable to see me, I’m all around for you to find

Surrounded by My majestic creation, when beauty and light abundantly prevail

Little effort is required to see Me, your senses drink in every detail

It’s in the times when light seems hidden, when distractions of the world dominate

That you must look closely to see Me; you must slow down and wait 

Outside the earthly realm, exist those who would steal your joy

If not vigilant, your eyes will be covered, and the beauty in sound etched out by noise


You can find Me in the smallest things, a smile, a cool breeze, even in your own heartbeat

I will never leave your side, forget not, I’m with you always

Take the times when you’ve felt My presence close, when I’ve overridden all worries and trouble 

And replay the memory in your mind until, by My peace, you are restored


I seek to see You in all things… I feel disconnected if I don’t

I know it’s because I’m clouded and fail to look, it’s then when I sometimes lose hope

Walking alone on this path surrounded by Your magnificent trees

I feel you close and I’m connected again, I never want you to leave

In all escapes in nature my awareness of You has be heightened

But I can’t always retreat from man’s world to again be enlightened


I hear You say I’m with you always, and my heart finds reassurance and comfort

Yet the enemy speaks lies, telling me You’re gone if Your voice is not clearly heard

I pray You show me how to see You in every situation I encounter

Teach me how to seek and to find You when things become unclear

When my eyes are shielded from Your light, let not darkness overtake them

Please help me remember You are omnipresent, and that You live within


When loud and overpowering sounds threaten to drown out Your peaceful symphony

I pray Your music is made louder than the other noises around me

I want to see You Lord, I want to hear and know Your voice above all else

I want to feel Your warmth in the coldest moments, safe in Your promised help

If I give to You all that I am there will be no opportunity for separation

Help me Father to give You all of me and let not my faith be shaken!!! 

©E.D. Allee

August, 2013


Comments on: "God In All…" (5)

  1. Thee most thought provoking poem… Which opens my eyes and soul to realise He is with me.. But I must reach out and believe.

    You are a brilliant poet and I hope one day you will be published!!!

    Across the oceans I send my love and blessings

  2. cpsingleton42 said:

    Lovely dedication, missus!

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