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Hope Lives On…


(Photo: By nuchylee, published on 02 February 2011)

The impact of evil amongst a canvas of blue

Three planes hit their targets led by a few

Such devastation, such a catastrophic blow

On that September morning, who could have known…


That this day would be the last they would ever see

That no longer would they know the touch of their friends and family

No longer would they hold their child and tuck them into bed

No longer would they see their smile or hear their laughter again


America at rest, comfortable with their freedom and lives

Going along each day without thought of an impending strike

The shock, the tears, the hopelessness, the fear and the rage

A hint of terrors lingering power was preserved on a frozen page


Forever life would change, America eternally altered

Defense would strengthen, our Nation would not be conquered

Terror showed its ugly, foul and evil face, for all the world to see

Yet, in error they underestimated the strength and determination of their enemy


Families would say good-bye to their loved ones, as they left to fight the unwelcomed war

Our military would fight to secure the freedom we hold dear, perhaps stronger now than before

Humanity was stunned; spirits united and began to heal

And while we were knocked down for a while, we stood strong to rebuild


They can knock down our buildings and take many human lives

They can try to transmit the fear born of the ugliness they harbor inside

They can rejoice at their “victory” and carry on as if they’ve won

But the Spirit of America and civil humanity will never be overcome!

©E.D. Allee



Comments on: "Hope Lives On…" (2)

  1. I agree. Can’t give into fear. A country holding fear is already beaten. 9-11 showed us. Secure your borders and don’t allow the bad folks in. Thank you for your thoughts on a important topic.

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