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The Kiss of November…

november pic for blog picmonkey

This was written back in 2002 while I was living in San Antonio, Texas where I went to college.  I grew up in Texas, and I always found myself so free, at peace, and mesmerized by the beauty of November.

Thank You for the kiss of November when all in the world seems right

The sky is a crisp blue, accented with clouds, and enhanced by brilliant sunlight

The woods take on an autumn glow and the trees embrace the change

Paths are covered in leaves that have fallen, yet still to remain

The kiss of November, the welcomed chill

Closer to Thee at these times I feel

Beckoning for my participation

I follow the breeze by which I’m taken

November’s kiss- The rivers flow bathed in gold

I sit and dream of the beauty for which no human has foretold

Your embrace surrounds my being; I hear your whisper is in the wind

And with each day my strength is renewed in You, and I begin again

The kiss for which November gently places upon my lips

Such serenity and peace I know during this annual stunning gift

I’ll never tarry far away from the hope of transition November shares

Growth is experienced in letting go, and granting the wind my cares

A kiss I return to You my Lord for this gift I’m blessed to witness

I embrace You back Father, thank You for the reprieve November gives

I’ll continue to express gratitude for the blessings you’ve allowed me know

And forevermore I’ll hold a piece of November’s magic within my soul

©E.D. Allee
pic: my collection

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