Poetic Journey in Personal Discovery

Rope Swing…

ho and sa trip april 2008 079 edited

Oh the memories and secrets you must contain

Of times past, of joy and of play

The exhilaration of flight with each powerful and intended projection

Untamed and free, inspiring youthful competition

Promising to deliver a refreshing reprieve from summer heat

Faithful friend and companion to a sturdy tree

You inspired bravery and adventure among those who would partake

Courage was required to ascend toward the clouds and let go in faith

I see you frayed and tattered now, yet still holding on sure and strong

I imagine the joy of your younger days, days which are now gone

Was that joy enough to sustain you, as in neglected solitude you now hang

Are you living in the light of those memories, or experiencing recall with disdain

The swinging you know today is a gentle sway upon the wind

Does that sway consist of pleasantries that remind you when

When children abandoned all in anticipation of your gift

When laughter and excitement prevailed in each moment

When hesitant children grasped you tight feeling fears’ thrill in their rapid heart beats

Returning again and again for more, having survived uncertainty

My hope is that you know your importance in this life

You inspired so many to hold on, let go, and take flight

You are continual inspiration, sustained by remembrance and imagination

Immortalized in mind and heart, your permanent and deserved haven

Your selfless giving offered healing and hope

You are so much more than a tattered and frayed rope

Thank you for providing reprieve from the mundane

And for nurturing spirits free to soar… if only for a day

©E.D. Allee
pic: my collection

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