Poetic Journey in Personal Discovery

rainbow suds with edges

Inside my cockpit sealed up tight, I settle in to the experience of the moment

I take pause in neutral, lean back in my seat, and remove my once firm grip

Tiny butterflies erupt as I release my brake and my trust is repositioned

The determined, plodding track assumes control without my resistance


Promises of safe transition from polluted to polished are whispered in my ear

Yet in a magic instant my visual perception overshadows all there is to hear


Foamy suds start to coat, slowly sprayed in delicate layers of cleansing lather

Beginning in pure white they gradually consume the totality of my car

While I’m still in softened motion, vanilla is brightened with flavored spectrums

Rainbows emerge in reflective bubbles and wonderment is spun


Wishing they would remain, yet knowing they will fade away

I savor my moment when the world is blocked out by the colorful array


I look forward to the pleasure of my frequent car wash event

I joyfully partake in the pampering of my travel partner and friend

I’m reset for a time, made clean and new outside and in

And I happily await future encounters among the rainbow suds again


©E.D. Allee

September 1, 2013


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