Poetic Journey in Personal Discovery


I watch as…

The carousel revolves at a steady pace
Each occupant submits to the unending race
Rotations showing the joy of children at play
While all life exists, sedated death still reigns

There is no external struggle in the motion filled masses
Up and down they go as life and joy passes
Their solid build suggests their content
As they “live” their reality and continue to pretend

There are a few non-striving souls upon the carousel
Who never wish for something more within their fairy-tale
They close their minds to all that surrounds their being
And fail to understand what the others are somehow seeing

Then there are the ones with wishful eyes, youthful yet restrained
Hoping each and every revelation will bring about new change
They find delight in the children who run and play each day,
And in vein they await their freedom so they too can do the same

Then there are the strong and wise ones who have accepted reality
They know in their hearts and in their minds that they cannot be free
For them each day brings but one reflective tear
Yet they find a peace in knowing that there still are naive fools out there

When I pause I see such irony within a “merry” go round
In what merrily invites one to play and smile torment may be found
A peaceful and sedated torment, experienced every day
Acceptance only helps one understand, who will stop the pain?

©E.D. Allee
October 1994

WELL… that was a bit on the depressing side! I was 19 when I wrote this. If I were to observe the carousel today I would still agree with the accuracy of my interpretation. However, I would most likely choose to paint a different picture with my words- I realize truth dwells in our perspectives and adopted beliefs… and these are influenced by so many things as well- time, experience, mood, circumstances… etc. This is but one mental time capsule expressing my journey…

🌻 I welcome your thoughts 🌻

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