Poetic Journey in Personal Discovery

Here we go…

Welcome to my first blog ever!

I’ve been writing in rhyme since I was ten years old – I’m 38 now.  Life has certainly had its ups and downs.  As with everyone, there has been heartaches and pain to spare along with moments of joyful and surreal beauty.  I’ve kept a running poetic “journal” of some of those experiences… and I wish to share them with you.
I’ve kept these poems in a close knit circle of readers and now I really feel led to present these writings to a world needing to know they are not alone on life’s journey.
I look back and read some of my old work and am amazed at how far I’ve come.  I’ve been many people- some of which I’m not fond of for sure.. herein you will find me exposed and on display.  My hope is that you will experience these poems as relatable.
Some of my writings are not about me- some are simply me “jumping into others” by placing myself inside their realm of pain as it touches me, and as I imagine it to be.  God made me a very empathetic person- my heart bleeds for the hurting and broken.  I myself am a recovering addict and alcoholic and I live with bipolar disorder.  My struggles are not necessarily unique to others.  I claim them as my own but aim to not let them solely define me. I am so much more than my basic descriptors!
Enjoy the poetry you discover here. It may be slow coming at first, as i am new to this blogging gig.  Let the journey begin!

🌻 I welcome your thoughts 🌻

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