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Breathing life into this poem again- Just finding these words applicable right now. Hope all of you are well!🌞

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I’m not well versed on the matter,
Of how to push past my emotions.
They’re like a life raft aimlessly adrift,
An expansive, fickle ocean.

I submit to them, I acquiesce,
Sometimes without considering truth.
Ignoring the things I’ve learned,
My undisciplined soul, a harmful muse.

They assert their control upon my life,
Making it hard, at times, to breathe.
I fight the urge to crawl into my shell,
To induce my cowards leave.

I’m learning to proceed regardless of,
The emotional whispers strumming my fears.
To swim to the surface, cinder block bound,
Where feelings become mere souvenirs…

©E.D. Allee
March, 2014

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Awaiting The Thaw…


There is a frost within you,

Crippling the light and the warmth.
Shaving love from your life,
And the ice won’t let you mourn.

You push all who love you away,
Striking out in rage and attempts to control.
I see the vulnerability within you,
The battle you’re losing in your soul.

The losses you won’t acknowledge,
Are losses just the same.
And somewhere in your frozen core,
Your heart faintly beats to denial’s refrain.

Only God can thaw you,
His, the only healing.
Your razor sharp defenses,
Cannot shred all feelings.

And when the blood is allowed to flow,
Warm from your hidden wounds.
I pray God grants you strength to endure
Until then, I’ll still keep loving you…

©E.D. Allee
July, 2014

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Morning waters rip to shore,
Advancing upon thirsty land.
Darkness is absorbed by amber hues,
The sun again is welcomed.

Perceiving speech as an intrusion,
Upon the tranquil moment.
Delicate whispers of winded anticipation,
Listen, listen…with intent.

Stones and muddied earth below.
Mountains spherically cradle me.
Natures kiss upon my lips,
Grateful for God’s morning masterpiece.

©E.D. Allee
July, 2014

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Lake Mead- Nevada

She Is The Dance…


Given to whimsical fancies,
Immersed in the realm of the limitless.
Led by innate passion,
Pulled, never pushed.

Upon toes which propel
Her graceful form to heaven.
Embraced by floral perfume,
Laced with poetic expression.

Woven dreams, intertwined desires,
A willing captive to all, and to none.
Sheltered by each moment in dance,
Heartbeat united with song.

She is the dance.
The dance is she.
Inseparable oneness,
The same entity.

©E.D. Allee
July, 2014

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Will I create reason for regret,

By the choices I make today?

With or without conscious intent,

To dark recall, will I fall prey?

Sustained regret is a fictitious deceit,

When shackled to for long.

The things I cannot change,

I must learn from and move on.

I grow through my mistakes,

Great teachers of time.

Yet I pray for the wisdom,

To know and choose what’s right.

©E.D. Allee

June, 2014

Light’s Cast…


The dancing shadows
Wind, trees, and afternoon sun
Stir whimsical dreams

©E.D. Allee
July, 2014

Image: http://cf2.primecp.com/master_images/AllFreeKnitting/shawl/Dancing-Leaves-Lace-Wrap.jpg

The Moment…


Be still my over active mind,
Exist inside the moment.
Where the noise is less abrasive,
Exit the spiraling confinement.

This moment, so elusive.
I need anchor and chains.
Past and present live in projections,
I seek release from immaterial refrains.

Conscious contact with God
Rests in this moment.
I seek His sunlight,
And nurturing fulfillment.

©E.D. Allee
May, 2014

Image: http://www.stgabrielashland.org/site/wp-content/uploads/2012/09/harvest.jpg

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